Tenuto brings a completely new approach to early detection of cancer and tumor classification. Our liquid biopsy test analyzes thousands of biochemical changes influenced by the tumor’s presence and expressed in the immune system and plasma.
We are the first to have successfully achieved this by harnessing the power of infrared spectroscopy, applying it to clinical use, and coupling it with our proprietary algorithms and machine learning. The outcome is an accurate and actionable digital biochemical picture that clearly indicates different populations – healthy, benign, and malignant. 
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Test kit for breast cancer already developed and has CE mark 
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Data from more than 700 patients demonstrate high sensitivity and specificity
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Follow on pipeline for additional cancer indications (CE approved)
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Commercialization partnerships engaged with clear plan for rapid deployment

Tenuto: A tumor’s presence is uniquely expressed in thousands of markers
While other liquid biopsy technologies look for one or more known markers of the tumor, we look at all the signals expressed by a tumor’s presence in the blood – from plasma to mononuclear cells. The outcome of our test is a unique digital biochemical picture that is unique for different populations – healthy, benign, and malignant. The test’s accuracy and ability to classify populations allows us to meet the promise of early detection in addition to reduce the need for expensive breast MRI tests and redundant biopsies.
Integrating the traditional with the novel: A new model with lucrative returns
We are the first company in the world to succeed in harnessing the precision, cost effectiveness, and simplicity of infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) and apply it to routine clinical use. We combine this with the latest approaches in cloud computing and machine learning to expand the long-standing boundaries of diagnostics. The use of inexpensive, traditional FTIR coupled with cloud computing allows for the rapid return of test results, generally within 48 hours. Additionally, our model lets us offer our tests as a Software as Medical Device model, translating to low overhead, high gross margins, and lucrative returns.
Our go-to-market strategy: Europe and Asia expansion within two years
Our first product, a breast cancer test kits, are currently being launched in selected European countries. Following that, we will gradually engage with partners to commercialize the tests to other European and Asian countries by 2022. Early revenues will be generated from B2B/B2B2C, and longer-term goals include obtaining a reimbursement code and integrating the tests into the continuum of care.
Our go-to-market strategy: Europe and Asia expansion within two years
Tenuto leverages the technology and products of Todos Medical in Ex-USA territories while Todos Medical focuses its business in the USA. Tenuto is led by a hands-on professional management team with experience in building successful healthcare businesses, with strong working relationships in EU and Asia. The company will continue developing and commercializing test kits and retain newly created IP.
Integrating the traditional and the novel
Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)

Cloud computing and machine learning


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